7744 Wiles Road, Coral Springs, Fl.  33067 tel: 954.755.3434  954.755.3434 fax
Emergency 954-501-5029

Q:  What services does Star Cycles offer:

Services by Star Cycles include oil changes, tire sales and installation, manufacturers service intervals, battery sales and installation, full and partial exhaust system installations, fork services, handlebar replacement, bold-on customizing projects, lighting kits, accessory sales and installations, and general non-engine repairs.  Most of Star Cycles services are completed while you wait or by a appointment that suits your schedule and needs.

Q:  Why is Star Cycles any different than other shops?

Star Cycles knows you want to be on the road enjoying your motorcycle so we make sure you "get in and get out!"  Our technician is the owner!  We service all makes and models of motorcycles of motorcycles and specialize in American and Metric Cruisers.  Value, convenience, customer service and quality is provided in everything we do.  We provide all the items you need for your maintenance or we will use yours.  We only do work that is necessary!

Q:  What motorcycles does Star Cycle Service?

Star Cycles services all makes, models and years of motorcycles.

Q:  Can I order accessories from you or bring my own?

Star Cycles can provided your accessories, order accessories or use your own for installation.  Our accessories are also available for purchase only.

Q:  Changing oil is easy.  Why would I pay you to do it?

At Star Cycles it is much more than an oil change.  We have the right tools and know how and your bike will receive a full bike inspection including tire pressure, tire wear, critical fasteners, safety features, wear items, chain/belt tensions and many more checks.  At this time you can have your brakes checked, these checks can prevent you from potential problems long before they impact the safety of the bike and yourself!

Q:  How often should my oil be changed:

2500 to 3000 miles is what most manufacturers recommend.  This can vary from bike to bike, time of the year and your riding style.  Contaminants build up in the oil and the filter.  The oil's primary purpose is lubrication but also acts as a medium to remove sludge and harmful particles in the engine.  Oil filters trap these particles and help clean the oil.  Therefore, the oil and filter needs to be changed.

Q:  What are the benefits of ordering my accessories through Star cycles?

Star Cycles buys direct from many of the manufacturers and distributors of parts and accessories.  This allows us to pass on discounts and savings to you.  Star Cycles stocks an assortment of bolt-on accessories and helmets for your convenience.  If we do not have it in stock, most of our suppliers will ship products with in 24 hours to us or ship directly to you.

Star Cycles
staff can help you pick out the proper parts and accessories that you are looking for through our plethora of catalogs.  BUY OURS OR BRING YOUR OWN and we will expertly install it for you.

Q:  If I buy my accessory from you, do I have to have it installed there?

No.  Your parts and accessories can be shipped to our store for your convenience so you don't have to worry about being available to accept your delivery.  We will notify you upon delivery.  When possible we can direct ship to your home or place of business.

Q:  Can I do a fundraiser through your motorcycle shop?

  We will donate 10% of an oil change to your organization.  We will also sponsor a BBQ or event at our shop.

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